Welcome to PSRPanel

The Public Service Research Panel, PSRPanel ,is an online community of public service professionals who sign up to participate in occasional web-based surveys and studies about the important work they do and the organizations they help lead.

If you are a government or nonprofit executive, program or unit manager, front-line public servant, or student planning a career in public service – we invite you to join the PSRPanel today!

Your Rights and Privacy:

PSRPanel enforces a strict privacy policy – your answers are always confidential and used only for research purposes.  Results are published only in aggregate or summary form.

Your participation is entirely voluntary.  You can choose to participate only in surveys or studies that interest you, and you can remove yourself from PSRPanel at any time you wish after joining.


The PSRPanel is housed at the School of Public Affairs and Administration at Rutgers University, Newark, and supports academic and applied research in public and non-profit management and related fields. 

Learn more about our commitment to your rights and privacy here.